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Call Notes

'Call Notes' is an audio series intended to couple high quality bird song recordings gathered at various locations during the spring and summer in Rocky Mountain National Park with a short, informative narration about that particular species. Through 'Call Notes', we hope to increase public awareness of the diversity of birds that call Rocky Mountain National Park their home, as well as increase appreciation of natural sounds in general. Additionally, we hope these recordings encourage you to get out and explore the natural resources around you, no matter where you find yourself. For more information about each of the recordings and for photograph credits, click the associated images. Enjoy!

For the best listening experience, use headphones whenever possible.

Savanna sparrow
Savanna sparrow
American robin
American robin
White-crowned sparrow
White-crowned sparrow
Song sparrow
Song sparrow
Dark-eyed junco
Dark-eyed junco
Violet-green swallow
Red-Winged Blackbird
Northern Flicker
Western Tanager
Wilson's Warbler
Black-Headed Grosbeak

Yellowstone National Park Audio Postcards

These audio postcards are the product of a collaboration between our team and Yellowstone National Park. The project is led by audio and media producer Jennifer Jerrett and two of our undergraduate student workers, Elena Gratton and Savanna Smith. The goal of the audio postcards is to provide an intimate auditory peek into the wild of Yellowstone National Park. We hope these mini experiences encourage visitors to listen more closely to the natural sounds of not only Yellowstone National Park, but wild areas everywhere. Visit the Yellowstone Audio Postcard page for more information about each recording. Enjoy!

For the best listening experience, use headphones whenever possible.

Coyote howling
American dipper
Black-billed magpies
Dawn Chorus
Grizzly feeding on carcass
Forest fire
Artist paint pots
Sandhill crane
Savannah sparrow
Slough creek meadow
Spadefoot toad
Uinta ground squirrel
Red-winged Blackbird
Sawmill Geyser
Bison Feeding
Bugling Elk
Bald Eagle
Beehive and Grand Geysers
Canada Geese
Common Loon

Yellowstone National Park Sound Library

An additional product of our collaboration with Yellowstone National Park is the Yellowstone National Sound Library. The majority of these recordings were gathered by team member and media producer Jennifer Jerrett, while our student workers, Elena and Savanna, conducted the final edits of many of the files.

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