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Ears Wide Open
New York Times

Seeking America’s Quietest Spots: The Quest for Silence in a Loud World
New York Times

Listen to the sounds of the US national parks with ParkTracks
The Verge

Trust us: play this national parks audio on loop and close your eyes

Colorado Public Radio

Sound library documents noises at Rocky Mountain National Park

On Colorado Day, the sounds of Rocky Mountain National Park

It's World Listening Day: try these interesting recordings from Rocky Mountain National Park

Listen to the sounds of Rocky Mountain National Park without leaving your home

Deep Listening Brings Rewards
National Park Service

Team fights elements to preserve sounds in national parks
Scripps Media


Near Noisy Oil Fields, Lovesick Birds Change their Tunes
New York Times

How CSU Students Fight Noise Pollution In National Parks
Colorado Public Radio

Unseen pollution is drowning out natural areas

Manmade noise pollution even more prevalent in US protected areas than researchers expected

Noise pollution is pervasive in U.S. protected areas
Cool Green Science

Noisy humans drown out sounds of nature in protected areas
The Wall Street Journal

Humans are making too much noise--even in protected areas

You may not get the silence you're seeking in U.S. parks, forests and wilderness
The Denver Post

Human noise in US parks threatens wildlife

Losing the soundscape: noise pollution burdens national parks
Independent Record

Human noise pollution threatens survival of wild animals

Noise pollution created by humans 'pervasive' in US
The Economic Times

Humans are the noise pollution in America's parks
CBS News

Noise pollution is invading even the most protected natural areas

Human noise pollution is everywhere, even in national parks
Washington Post

Noise pollution turns up the volume in America's parks
USA Today

America's protected natural areas are polluted, by noise

Noise pollution is drowning out nature even in protected areas -- study
The Guardian

Humans create a racket in America's wilderness
The Mercury News

Losing the soundscape: noise pollution burdens national parks

Natural silence is more elusive than ever as noise pollution prevails

Human noise pollution 'pervasive' in U.S. protected areas

Animals can no longer escape human noise pollution in the US

Noise pollution risks animals' survival in the wild: study

Noise pollution seeps into more parks and protected areas, according to CSU study

Another way humans are polluting the environment: too much noise
Los Angeles Times

Noise created by humans is pervasive in US protected areas
Phys Org

Noise pollution: even America's protected areas are not safe from human-caused racket
International Business Times

Noise pollution problem extends to protected natural areas
Science World Report

Human noise in the U.S. parks threatens wildlife
Scientific American

Shh. Hear the rustle of the grass? Not so much now in US parks
U.S. News & World Report

Human noise threatens wildlife in US protected areas
I4U News

A not-so-silent spring
The Atlantic

Noise pollution may jeopardise animals' survival in the wild: study
Pakistan Today

Radio interview discussing our team's efforts to understand natural sounds and noise pollution
90.5 FM KCSU

Built from scratch: tech tools for national parks
Natural Sounds--NPS

Preserving the quietest places
The California Sunday Magazine

The man who collects sounds
Alaskan Dispatch News

Protecting the natural sounds and night skies of Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Knoxville Mercury

CSU Researcher works with team to capture the sounds of nature
The Rocky Mountain Collegian

Researcher captures natural sound in Rocky Mountain National Park
Reporter Herald

Beyond sightseeing: you'll love the sound of America's best parks
NPR 'Morning Edition'

Animals to humans: be quiet, already

What prairie dogs tell us about the effects of noise pollution
The Conversation

Modern noise pollution still follows us around, even in Colorado's quiet places
KUNC--Morning Edition


The unintended consequences of noise
Outside Magazine

How noise pollution is changing animal behaviour
The Conversation

Hush, humans. We're trying to survive here

Noise made by humans can be bad for animals

Eavesdropping on seabirds
PLOS Blogs

Hear Hawaiian songbirds start the day with a dawn chorus
National Geographic Voices

Dawn chorus at Kipuka Ki
National Park Service


Traffic noise is no picnic for prairie dogs

Le bruit nuit aux chiens de prairie
Le Monde

What's that sound?


How human sounds impact wildlife
ABC FOX Montana


Whisper of the wild
The New York Times

Computer programmer models sound's impact on wildlife
Bozeman Daily Chronicle


Solitude becomes exhibit A in battle over national parks management
The New York Times

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